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Located in the southwest of Europe and at the convergence of three continents - American, European, and African, it is a central and strategic point for critical international routes. In addition, Portugal is one of the best places to live, with great food, weather, and beautiful landscapes. Remarkable ex-pats have chosen to invest and live a new life in Portugal.

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The program

The Golden Visa program allows non-EU citizens free access to the Schengen area, obtain a Portuguese passport for themselves and their families, and travel instantly and freely. Portugal is also one of the three safest countries in the world, with a favorable natural environment for realizing business opportunities and only one application for the investor and their direct family.


The new generation of Golden Visa investors is entirely different from anything we've seen before. That's why the ease, mobility, and low physical presence required is, along with the other advantages of the Portuguese Golden Visa, one of the most attractive programs in the EU.


This program gives high-net-worth individuals the option of physically relocating to another jurisdiction and becoming residents of that state with full legal rights, including the right to live, work, study, and receive healthcare.


Portugal has an excellent reputation and is considered one of the world's most peaceful nations, with a high quality of life. It is among the oldest nations in Europe, with a rich history, lively culture, exceptional cuisine, stunning beaches, and idyllic countryside.

Finding the qualifying property.

From Residential to Commercial and Touristic, The Address team is committed to finding you a qualifying property for the Golden Visa application and a good investment asset.


To apply for the Golden Visa through Real Estate, you must acquire a Property in Portugal with certain specifications. With our knowledge and experience gained over the years, we can guarantee that the property you purchase qualifies for your Golden Visa.


Portugal has produced streamlined legislation to create an efficient process by which non-EU citizens may obtain a residence permit based on the investment.


The residence permit allows visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area and requires an average stay of just seven days a year in Portugal over a five-year period.

Main mandatory requirements:

  • Keep the investment for the period required by SEF - from 5 to 7 years.

  • Invest 350.000€ (properties for gentrification) or 500.000€ (new construction properties) in High-Density Locations - only properties with Touristic, Commercial, Services, and Industrial use are eligible.

  • Invest 280.000€ (properties for gentrification) or 400.000€ (new construction properties) in Low-Density Locations -  all types of properties are eligible.

GV step by step


Obtain a Portuguese Tax Number

To conduct any transaction subject to registration in Portugal, such as purchasing a property, one must have a Portuguese Tax Number (NIF).


Hire a Tax Representative

For non-EU citizens to obtain a Portuguese Tax Number, they must appoint their Resident Tax Representative.


Portuguese Bank Account Opening

One of the mandatory steps to obtain a Golden Visa is to have a Portuguese Bank Account. Your funds for the acquisition of the property must come from outside of Portugal into your Portuguese Bank Account.

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